About Us | Eesha Zaveri Jewelry

The Designer

Eesha Zaveri - Jewelry by Design is the brainchild of Eesha Zaveri, a talented jewelry designer and NIFT alumna. With a remarkable journey that began at the age of 16, Eesha Zaveri graduated from NIFT Gandhinagar and established her eponymous brand in 2011. Specializing in bead, semi-precious, and silver jewelry, the brand effortlessly blends contemporary and ethnic elements, catering to diverse customer preferences.

With a vibrant palette and unique designs, Eesha Zaveri Jewelry offers a versatile range of jewelry for every occasion, from everyday wear to elegant brunches. Based in Baroda, India, the brand has a strong presence with over 5 physical stores, 5 online platforms, and a growing international market.

Our Team

1. Beyondesign:
The design team at Beyondesign designed our logo and the website.
Check them out at www.beyondesign.in

2. Pardy Panda Studios:
The software development team at Pardy Panda Studios programmed the entire website from scratch. They also helped with designing the auxiliary creatives for posters, marketing and social media.
Check out their work at www.pardypanda.com 

3. Mrs. Bhavna Shah:
Mrs. Bhavna Shah did the floral painting on our home page and all other pages on the top.
You can view her beautiful watercolors at https://www.facebook.com/bhavnashahwatercolourist 

4. Mr. Brijesh Upadhyaya:
Mr. Brijesh Upadhyaya and his team photographed the jewelry for the website. 

5. Vrinda, Sanjana and Ruchi:
The in-house team at eeshazaveri.com helped manage and administer the website.
Check out Vrinda's work on: https://www.behance.net/vrindazaveri